nurtured and commemorated.

Dissonance also results from confusion among the standards of ‘connection’ and ‘network.’ We have a tendency to equate one with the opposite, when they virtually relate to extraordinary characteristics. Connection pertains to connectivity: the goal physical generation or media that allows us to construct community, however which does no longer represent the high-quality of that network. Connectivity truely gives the opportunity to hook up with others through internet, texting, phone calls, or every other social networking alternatives.

Community is the end result of building dating through meaningful interaction over time. There isn’t any shortcut; it’s far a procedure that develops whilst bonds of trust and intimacy are nurtured and commemorated.

And right here lies a caveat: When we confuse connectivity with network, we depersonalize the sacred nature of proper community and start relating to people as objects. Instead of growing intimacy over the years, we accumulate pals on social community web sites or strive to shop for human beings’s allegiance. Yet friending is in reality an act of connecting; it does now not create intimacy.

In truth, social experiments suggest that technologically ruled connectivity consequences in alienation and social collapse through the years. In a groundbreaking social test conducted through Josh Harris, one of the founders of social networking at the internet, he observed that the more human beings’s personal lives had been exposed through 24/7 generation, the extra their feel of intimacy and dating deteriorated till the network collapsed in violence and self-negative conduct.

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